Three men accused of being involved in Cheyenne armed robbery have heard the charges against them, two of the men are facing warrants for an armed robbery in Laramie.

20-year-old Terence T. James, 28-year-old Kevin D. Lewis and 19-year-old Isaac D. James were arrested in connection with the robbery of Advanced America Cash Advance in Cheyenne on January, 11th.  According to Cheyenne P.D. affidavits, police responded to Cash American Cash Advance on January 10th just after 6 pm, where an employee alleged that two black males had come into the business, showed the employee handguns tucked into their waist-bands and demanded money.

At 2:30 am on January 11th, police observed a car matching the description of the suspect vehicle at a Cheyenne fast-food restaurant.  Police made contact with Terence James and Kevin Lewis.  The two were brought into the Cheyenne Police Department, where investigators say that Lewis admitted to being involved in the Cheyenne robbery.

While being questioned, Terence James denied being at the robbery, but said he had been aware of it.  He then went on to admit to involvement in robberies in other cities with Lewis.

Lewis went on to say that Terence James' brother, Isacc James, had been the other individual present for the Cheyenne robbery.  Isaac James was contacted by Cheyenne police, where he said that he, Terence James and Lewis had discussed the Cheyenne robbery before it happened.  He also denied that he had been present for the Cheyenne robbery, alleging, instead, that Terence James was actually the individual involved.

Terence James made his initial appearance in Cheyenne Circuit Court Monday morning.  Although present in the courthouse, James attended the hearing via video conference with Judge Denise Nau presiding.  He faces charges of Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Robbery in connection with the Cheyenne case, and is being held on a $10,000 cash bond.

Isaac James and Kevin Lewis made their initial appearance in Cheyenne Circuit Court on Tuesday morning, appearing in the courtroom, in front of Judge Catherine Rogers.  Isaac James faces one count of Aggravated Robbery and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Robbery.  His bond was set at $25,000.

Kevin Lewis faces one count of Aggravated Robbery and his bond was set at $5,000.

Last week, the Laramie Police Department announced, after the arrests of Kevin Lewis and Terence James in Cheyenne, that warrants were issued for both men in connection with the robbery of Laramie's Fairfield Inn.  During that robbery, it was alleged that two black men entered the Fairfield Inn in West Laramie at about 8 minutes after midnight on January 1st.   Police say the two individuals demanded money and property from the Fairfield Clerk and that one of the suspects was holding a handgun.

Terence James, Kevin Lewis, and Isaac James will have preliminary hearings later this month, where it will be decided if the Cheyenne case will be bound over to District Court.