Representative Charles Pelkey (D-Albany) and Narina Nunez, Democratic candidate for Senate District 10, were recently endorsed by the Wyoming Hunters and Anglers Alliance for their stance against the transfer of federal public lands to state control.

Pelkey's challenger for the House District 45 seat is Republican Tom Schmit, who was quoted as saying "I think Wyoming should seriously consider taking federal land under state control... I believe the state of Wyoming can do a good job of taking these lands and managing them as well as the federal government," during a recent candidate forum.

Nunez is running against Representative Glenn Moniz (R-Albany) for the Senate District 10 seat, which Senator Phil Nicholas (R-Albany) will vacate at the end of his current term.

The Alliance says while Moniz told a candidate forum he is against a federal land transfer but "voted repeatedly for state seizure of public lands" while in the House.

Moniz said in the forum that since his election to the Wyoming Legislature in 2008, he received more letters on the subject of access to public lands than on any other topic.

Nunez, in the same forum, said she is "totally opposed to the transfer of lands."

On her campaign website, Nunez says "Most people see this for what it is -- a push to get land to use for mining, logging, and other commercial activities."

"That's why hunter, angler, and outdoor groups vehemently oppose these efforts," Nunez says.  "So do I."

The Alliance also identifies Ken Chestek, Democratic candidate for House District 46, as one of ten "public land access advocates."