Laramie has its fair share of accident prone intersections that can be a bit awkward to navigate for one reason or another. Fortunately things tend to slow down in the summers when many of the student leave town. We choose out top five worst intersections in town so read on and let us know if you agree.

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    15th Street & Sheridan Intersection

    I used to live in the area of town close to this intersection and go through it on a daily basis. The shape of this intersection is what causes for confusion and accidents at this location. I have personally seen several wrecks at 15th and Sheridan in my years of living in Laramie and most of the time they seem to be caused by a bit of stupidity. Some people traveling through the intersection West to East will actually try and turn right in front of oncoming traffic so that they don't have to wait. It can be deceiving how fast oncoming traffic is moving because of the S shaped intersection which doesn't help matters.

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    4th Street & Garfield Intersection

    At first glance the intersection at 4th Street & Garfield looks like any ordinary street crossing but what makes this one a bit challenging is the parked cars. You can't see around them until after you are already partially in the lane of cross traffic. Not being able to see can make for a close call. Not only is this a problem at 4th and Garfield, but also anywhere around the University of Wyoming. Every street in close proximity to UW is always jammed packed with cars along the curb causing a dangerous situation.

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    3rd Street & Snowy Range Road Intersection

    The 3rd Street & Snowy Range Road intersection has almost claimed my car in the past due to someone running and extremely red light. In general this intersection can be a busy one and the left lanes clog up as people wait to try and turn onto the Clark street bridge. The Loaf & Jug on the corner is a challenge to get out of and people exiting their parking lot can easily cause a wreck. Left turn lanes would be a big help here, but that probably won't happen since the Clark Street Bridge will only be around a few more years.

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    Grand Avenue & Walmart Entrance Intersection

    The entrance to Walmart might just be the place I have seen the greatest frequency of car accidents in town. The intersection really shouldn't be that dangerous except for the fact that traffic passing the entrance is usually doing so at 45+ MPH. Many people think they have time to shoot the gap and end up getting clipped. People turning right also can have a hard time seeing around cars waiting to turn left an accidentally pull out in front of oncoming traffic.

    (Photo by Adam Porter)
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    Grand Avenue & 3rd Street Intersection

    The intersection at Grand Avenue and 3rd street should be no surprise as being an accident prone location since it links two of the busiest streets in Laramie. Sometimes crashes seem to be cause by a lack of turn arrows on the East & West facing traffic lights. Even though the North & South facing lights do have turn arrows they can be a hazard as well. There is normally a pretty good line of cars waiting to turn onto Grand from 3rd street and you can't necessarily see around them to know if there is a car approaching the intersection in the far lane. If you pull out and don't see a vehicle coming you're done for!

    (Photo by Adam Porter)