With all due respect to Mother's Day, there are other holidays and events that many of us are more eagerly awaiting in the coming months. While the sheer idea of consistent enough temperatures to spend time outside is exciting, there are a few big national and local events set to occur over the summer that many of us are already anticipating.

Among the national events, there are of course the holidays of Memorial Day and Independence Day; and for the great local events, Laramie hosts the annual Jubilee Days and the Snowy Range Music Festival, and just over in Cheyenne there is of course The Daddy of 'em all, Cheyenne Frontier Days. Each of these events boast their own unique features and attractions and they are all part of the reason that so many of us love summertime in Laramie. With all of these tremendous summertime events coming to our area, we want to know which one you are most looking forward to!



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