In continuing a weekly feature, we have a picture from somewhere in Laramie. We went out around town and took a picture of something, then zoomed in on only a small portion of the picture- so it’s like identifying a puzzle from only one piece. Some of you might not think this is fair, because, when doing a puzzle, at least you can hold any piece up to the box and see where it goes… While this is true, the picture here was taken in Laramie, so just like the cover of the puzzle box, you can see where this picture is from just by walking or driving around town and keeping an eye out… If you think you’ve figured it out, comment below, where in Laramie was this picture taken?

For those of you who guessed the Union Pacific smoke stack by the railroad, you were correct!

Be sure to check in each week to see the newest picture from somewhere in Laramie, and see if you know where it was taken!