People across the world have words to refer to people from specific places. People from the U.S.A are generally referred to as Americans while people from Wyoming are called Wyomingites. These terms for people from a residence or locality are called demonyms.

Upon seeing the word “Laramigos” on Facebook, we began to wonder what demonym people typically use to describe those from Laramie. News Director Tracie Perkins and Web Contributor Jerrad Anderson went to downtown Laramie to see what people right here in the Gem City call themselves.

What they got was a variety of answers from people native to Laramie, visitors, and those who have recently moved to town. While some people chose not to participate in the video, many people answered the question.

One visiting couple from Germany said they would call us “Laramies” while others said they simply had no idea what word to use.

One man outside of the Pedal House downtown answered for the video and added after that if Laramie is the “Gem City,” perhaps those living within it are to be called “gems.”

See what people downtown had to say below. Is your answer there?