At a Laramie City Council regular session Tuesday night, councilman Joe Vitale distributed copies of a written request for the resumé of former Laramie Mayor Jodi Guerin.

A photo copy of the letter was obtained by the KOWB News Center.  The hand written letter is addressed to Guerin herself, via City Manager Janine Jordan.

In the letter, Vitale makes a formal request to Guerin, asking that she release the resumé submitted to the City of Laramie, which led to her being hired in the position of Recreation Manager for the City.

Vitale has been seeking the resumé since March, through various channels, but says he was denied the ability to inspect the document.  During an interview with the KOWB News Center last week, Vitale said that he had questions regarding Guerin's qualifications for the position of Recreation Manager.

The City Attorney, Dave Clark, told KOWB that the resumé was considered private information and was not open to inspection by neither the public nor councilman Vitale, as the City Council does not directly supervise the Recreation Manager position.  Enclosed with Vitale's letter was a letter to City Manager Jordan from the Law Office of Bruce T. Moats in Cheyenne.  In that letter, Moats submits that the  resumé could be redacted to withhold any private or personal information and items pertaining to her qualifications to the position of Recreation Manager could be made available.

During the council meeting, Vitale also pointed out that Moats believes that Guerin waived any interest in privacy to her resumé, by publishing a digital resumé on the website

Guerin did not supply comment to KOWB following our story last week, after a request was sent via email.  Guerin served as Laramie Mayor from 2005-2006 and from 2009-2010.  A website that was launched for a state senate bid in 2010 makes reference to Guerin having taught recreation classes during her early years in the city.

Full letter from Councilman Joe Vitale to former Laramie Mayor Jodi Guerin.