A Laramie resident announced late Thursday his intention to seek a seat on the Albany County School District No. 1 Board of Education.

Jason Stenar Clark, 36, hopes to represent Area A on the school board. He will run alongside Laramie High School senior Rihanna Kelver, who also seeks a seat representing Area A. Clark said on his Facebook page that he fully endorses Kelver.

Clark says his chief goal is to hear and understand the concerns of students and families within the district. He also aims to revitalize and reinvest in local public schools and put an end to bullying.

Lawrence Perea, Julie Radosevich and Trish Penny are the Area A incumbents up for re-election in November.

Clark is a native of Nampa, Idaho and graduated from Boise High School in 1998.

Below is Clark's autobiography:

Jason Stenar Clark is a High Honors graduate of Oberlin College where he wrote a thesis defending reparations for African slavery. He is now a graduate of the Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of Wyoming at Laramie. Prior to this, he oversaw a micro-lending program that included a women’s cooperative in Nicaragua and a housing program within the Lakota nation among its recipients. In 2001, Mr. Clark was instrumental in transferring the possession of an Ohio terminal on the Underground Railroad to African and Cherokee American ownership. He has worked in a reproductive health clinic for lesbian couples, represented the severely disabled in administrative court hearings, and assisted in the prosecution of Federal Civil Rights cases under members of the Bar of the United States District & Supreme Courts on behalf of sexually and physically abused and neglected children and women in Manhattan and from abroad. Mr. Clark came to Wyoming after teaching English language and poetry to adolescents in the Mississippi Delta town of Indianola. He then administered grant reviews and curated the public relations of the Wyoming Community Foundation until 2012. At Boulder's University of Colorado, he taught occidental political philosophy twice and read math and theory. His present activities focus on cultural regions that currently constitute the North American West. He is a human rights professional. 

Humbly Submitted,
Mr. Jason Stenar Clark, M.F.A.