Authorities continue to search for a 16-year-old Cheyenne girl who ran away from home early Thursday morning.

Devin Brakel says his step-daughter, Kassidy Kunard, is with 28-year-old Tom Keetley, a former family friend and Kassidy's former employer at Sit Means Sit.

The two are believed to be traveling in a gray Jeep Cherokee, which may not have plates on it, and are believed to be in the Denver metro area.

Brakel says Kassidy's cell phone was pinged in Englewood, Colorado, Thursday night, and he had brief contact with her on Facebook around 7:20 p.m. where she private messaged him "Freaking out. I love you guys. I have to go."

Kassidy also has her dog Gable, an Australian Shepherd with a merle coat and two different colored eyes, with her.

Anyone who sees Kassidy or Tom or knows their whereabouts is asked to call the local authorities.