The unofficial results from the Nov. 8th Special Election show the second option on the ballot to have been the most popular. According to Albany County Clerk, Jackie Gonzalez, 772 of the 1776 ballots cast were in favor of  three city councilmen being elected from each ward.

The League of Women Voters (LWV) initiated the petition for the election in order to encourage more contention in elections for city council members. Since Laramie adopted the seven ward system in 2002, there has been no contest in 13 ward primary elections.

Laramie currently contains seven wards, so new boundaries will have to be drawn. State law mandates that the current nine city council membersplus nine non-council members (named in the LWV petition) comprise the boundary committee. The 18 members are Klaus Hanson, Roger McKinley, Erik Molvar, Lee Kempert, Scott Mullner, Joe Shumway, Karl McCraken, Joe Vitale, Dave Paulekas, Don Brosz, Stacy Madden, Mike Massie, E.G. Meyer, Sonya Moore, Nick Murdock, Barbara Noughton, Rachel Rubino and Susan Simpson.

The canvassing board will meet Thursday morning to certify the results of the Nov. 8 Laramie Ward Election.