In the Spring of '94, a group of UW football players and a fraternity threw an epic rager at a place outside of Laramie called "The Barn."

There is no way of knowing for sure if this was actually the largest keg party ever thrown in Wyoming, but it's the biggest one I can remember.

For weeks, it had been touted by my friends in Laramie as "the bash of the year." Even bigger than Blackfoot/Whitefoot, we were told.

By the time we arrived, hundreds of cars had already parked around a huge covered horse corral with concrete floors. As I walked around the facility, I counted a grand total of 14 kegs, all tapped and flowing.

I'd been to some big parties before, but never a 14 kegger.

Surely, the police would find out about this party and shut it down? Nope. The party raged all night.

Amazingly, there weren't any fights that night, which was especially surprising for a party of that size. Having the football players there to regulate helped keep everyone in line. Except for me.

Towards the end of the night, I accidentally spilled a beer on Theo Ratliff, the 7-foot-tall UW basketball star who went on to play 16 years in the NBA.

Luckily, a buddy was there to apologize for me and Theo laughed it off. He even picked me up after I stumbled and asked if I was ok.

On any other night, the entire athletic department would have taken turns pummelling me. But Theo didn't have to act tough; everyone knew he was the man.

Eventually, the night ended and I woke up in a strange place I had never been before. Somehow, I ended up back in Laramie, crashed out on the floor of my buddy's dorm room.

Looking back on that night over two decades later, it was the most epic bash of my college career. I went to some crazy parties in Fort Collins, but nothing can touch "The Barn" in Laramie.