A friend of mine was visiting me from waaaay back east. She found it amusing that I would EVER complain about traffic lights or traffic in such a small community. I told her that she might have to deal with hundreds of thousands of drivers, a brutal commute and all the joys that come with living in a major metro area. I, on the other hand, had to deal with these five intersections. Yes, I'm spoiled. That doesn't stop me from complaining. And until we get the flying, hover-cars (we certainly should have had by the year 2011), I will continue to deal with these particular five intersections in my normal, silently suffering way : ).

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    Cedar and Clark Street

    Here's what is trying about the intersection of Clark and Cedar in West Laramie: that intersection is busy almost all-day, everyday. Before and after school, when the students for Wyoming Technical Institute are leaving for campus or returning home, just dealing with normal traffic flow. And do not plan on moving quickly through when you're sitting trying to make a left turn at oh, say 6:30 PM on any Friday. Throw in the occasional monstrous RV, and fully loaded campers, and you see my point.

    photo by Saxbee Taylor
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    Boulder Drive and Grand

    I completely understand why there is a high priority for a green light going East to West at this intersection. You're dealing with Grand in all its glory. But it's hard to sit there and wait for the tiny, tiny window of opportunity to go from North to South at this corner. You wait. and wait. and wait. Then, if you're taking a left out of Snowy Range Academy or Express Pharmacy, and the driver in front isn't QUICK, or if you're waiting to make a left and the driver coming straight at you takes their own sweet time, this corner can be the biggest time waster in town.

    photo by Saxbee Taylor
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    3rd and Reynolds/Curtis

    The natural traffic flow at this corner is North to South, due to the change from 3rd to 287. If you want to go East to West, you're hosed. I'm not sure, but it SEEMS that this light is even worse than Boulder and Grand, except for specific times…for instance, when busy parents are dropping their children off at Snowy Range Academy. It's a tough call, but I'd hate to have both of these intersections in my route on any given day.

    photo by Saxbee Taylor
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    Harney and 3rd

    Man, this intersection is fast and busy. And by “fast”, I mean it goes from green to red quickly. It's hard to imagine that if there were more than one or two vehicles in line to make a turn onto 3rd, no one would make it. Or if they did, the last car would be turning on red light. Fine if you're turning right. Turning left? Not so much.

    photo by Saxbee Taylor
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    30th and Harney

    Well, we've traveled 27 blocks to the East, but believe me, the problem is EXACTLY the same. As an added little frustration factor, this could be one of the busiest intersections in the entire city at times. It's not out of the question to have to sit at this intersection through numerous green, yellow, red rotations before you can get through. I know, a couple of light changes doesn't seem like a lot. But, when you're used to getting across town literally in minutes, the delays can be very frustrating.

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