Most Expensive Trucks in Laramie – Our Top 5
As country music singer Kip Moore says in his very first career No. 1 hit, there’s just “somethin’ ’bout a truck.” In Laramie there are some pretty nice trucks for sale and we decided to go take a look at the most expensive trucks available at Laramie car dealersh…
Would You Pay More for Mosquito Control? – Survey of the Day
As Spring run-off from the mountains continues, pesky mosquitoes will soon be out in force. While the problem is not likely to be as severe as last year with the lack of moisture the area has received this winter, the City of Laramie is ready to start taking preventative measures soon.
Summer Gas Prices in Laramie? Survey of the Day
Over the last month or so chances are that you have seen a sharp rise in prices at the pump wherever you fill up your gas tank in Laramie. According to Gas Buddy, the cheapest regular gas in town can currently be found for right around $3.50 a gallon. Unfortunately it seems as if prices will only co…
UW School of Nursing Gets $1 Million Donation
Nurses and area nurses with the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper will soon have the opportunity to advance their degrees in nursing, thanks to a $1 million donation to the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing at the University of Wyoming.

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