The following results for the 2014 Primary Election come from the Wyoming Secretary of State's office website and are considered unofficial.

Included are the results for the statewide offices as well as the senator and representative results for districts on which Albany County residents vote.

National and Statewide Offices

Republican U.S. Senate Race

Mike Enzi (Winner)           Votes: 77,965        

Bryan Miller                Votes: 9,332          

James ‘Coaltrain’ Gregory     Votes: 3,770

Thomas Bleming          Votes: 2,504

Arthur Bruce Clifton    Votes:1,404

Write-Ins                     Votes: 345

Democratic U.S. Senate Race 

Charlie Hardy (Winner)       Votes: 7,199

Rex Wilde             Votes: 3,012

Al Hamburg            Votes: 2,988

William Bryk        Votes: 1,670

Write-Ins         Votes: 214

Republican U.S. House of Representatives Race

Cynthia Lummis (Winner)          Votes: 70,916

Jason Adam Senteney           Votes: 22,256

Write-Ins           Votes: 271

Democratic U.S. House of Representatives Race 

Richard Grayson (Uncontested)          Votes: 14,207

Write-Ins             Votes: 190

Republican Governor Race 

Matt Mead (Winner)         Votes: 53,673

Taylor H. Haynes          Votes: 31,534

Cindy Hill           Votes:12,463

Write-Ins           Votes: 215

Democratic Governor Race 

Pete Gosar (Uncontested)            Votes: 15,288

Write-Ins           Votes: 507

Republican Secretary of State Race 

Ed Murray (Winner)               Votes: 32,947

Ed Buchanan       Votes: 31,336

Pete Illoway         Votes: 16,594

Clark Stith           Votes: 8,509

Write-Ins             Votes: 273

Republican State Auditor Race 

Cynthia I. Cloud (Uncontested)            Votes: 79,680

Write-Ins            Votes: 397

Republican State Treasurer Race 

Mark Gordon (Winner)                 Votes: 72,092

Ron Redo                 Votes: 10,943

Write-Ins           Votes: 205

Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Race 

Jillian Balow (Winner)           Votes: 35,490

Sheryl Lain         Votes: 27,355

Bill Winney         Votes: 23,103

Write-Ins         Votes: 272

Democratic Superintendent of Public Instruction Race 

Mike Ceballos (Uncontested)          Votes: 14,731

Write-Ins          Votes: 129

Democratic State Senator District 9 Race

Chris Rothfuss (Uncontested)       Votes: 785

Write-Ins               Votes: 1

Republican State Senator District District 11 Race

Larry Hicks (Uncontested)         Votes: 2,162

Write-Ins                 Votes: 49

Democratic State Representative District 13 Race 

Cathy Connolly (Uncontested)             Votes: 418

Write-Ins            Votes: 6

Republican State Representative District 14 Race

Kermit C. Brown (Uncontested)            Votes: 736

Write-Ins             Votes: 21

Republican State Representative District 45 Race

Charles (C.J.) Young (Uncontested)         Votes: 417          

Write-Ins             Votes: 15

Democratic State Representative District 45 Race

Charles F. Pelkey (Uncontested)              Votes: 362

Write-Ins          Votes: 1           Percent: .24

Republican State Representative District 46 Race

Glenn Moniz (Uncontested)          Votes: 1008               

Write-Ins          Votes: 19

Democratic State Representative District 46 Race

Mike Selmer (Uncontested)          Votes: 492

Write-Ins            Votes: 4           Percent: .68

Republican State Representative District 47 Race

Jerry Paxton (Winner)                   Votes: 1,113

Julie McCallister               Votes: 510

Write-Ins            Votes: 6