The month of September is Emergency Preparedness Month, this according to the State Homeland Security Office.

According to a release from the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, National Preparedness Month is observed each September and encourages individuals and families to take steps to prepare for emergencies including natural and man-made disasters in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities.  The office goes on to urge people to use this month to increase their awareness, Director Guy Cameron said individuals can take simple steps to ensure they are ready for a disaster or emergency.

“Preparedness is a simple concept and requires bringing all family members together to take steps to learn the hazards, build a kit, make a plan and get involved,” Cameron said. “We encourage people to ‘pledge to prepare’ and take those steps now.”

Be informed – Know the hazards and risks in the local area.

Make a family emergency plan to assist in communicating with and finding family members if emergencies occur.

Build an emergency supply kit – both at home and in the car – that includes three days water, food and first aid supplies.

Get involved – Find out how to volunteer and promote preparedness in the community.

Having an all-hazard weather radio will provide emergency information during times of inclement weather and power outages