Need a new pair of shoes but don’t want to pay full price? Now is your chance to save a few bucks and try your hand at the movie business.  Dodds Shoe Company, located in downtown Laramie, is sponsoring a “Show Us Your Sole” video contest. The video contest aims to showcase the various types of shoes in the store to online customers.

Participating in the contest requires contestants to film a thirty to sixty second video describing their favorite shoe in the store.  The video will then be put online at Dodds Shoe Company’s website.  The best aspect of participating in the contest is that you are guaranteed a prize.  All video makers will receive money that they can put towards purchase of a new pair of shoes.  Each time a contestant records a new video, he will also be entered into the drawing for the grand prize--$300.

This initiative aims to get University of Wyoming students and community members interested in the store and provide more detailed information to the online customers.  The video contest has begun and will last through Friday, June 1st.  So clear your throat and head down to Dodds Shoe Company to make a new video.

For more information and how to enter, visit Dodd's Website!