(Photo by Adam Porter)

Summer-time in Laramie brings about some aweswome possibilities when it comes to different activities to take on. Many people around Laramie don't realize how lucky we are to have world class climbing fifteen minutes from town up at Vedauwoo. If you have never been up to the Vedauwoo area and like the outdoors it is without a doubt worth your time to check out. The best part is that since Vedauwoo is only fifteen miles from town you can head up and have a great time even if you only have a few hours after work. Best of all this activity is 100% free excluding the gear of course which you can rent from Outdoor Adveture Program if you are a University of Wyoming student or from a local gear store.

Climbing isn't the only reason to head up to the area, but it is very popular. If you are just getting into climbing bouldering might be just right for you. Bouldering is simply climbing without ropes and of course you don't climb very high so it is perfect for beginners. You will be safe climbing up to about fifteen feet and should always have at least one other person with you to act as a spotter to help guide your falls. Another plus is that compared to full out rock climbing with ropes your equipment investment is relatively small. A crash pad is a must in case you fall as it will greatly help reduce the wear and tear on your body; especially if you don't manage to land on your feet. The other two essential pieces of gear you will need are a good pair of climbing shoes and a chalk bag with chalk of course! While bouldering is fairly simplistic it can be as easy or as challenging as you like.

The book "Vedauwoo Bouldering" which you can purchase off of Amazon.com for about $20 has a plethora of mapped out bouldering routes all around Vedauwoo which are all rated for difficulty. This is a big help if you are just getting started. The only downside to this book is that it can be hard to orient yourself and find the rocks they are referring to in the pictures, which can be frustrating. The directions are literally something like "turn right at a tree that looks like this..." None the less, the book is still a good investment.

If you want to take on full scale rock climbing at Vedauwoo there are a plethora of great places to do so. There are many routes that are bolted and ready to climb as well as places to set up a top ropes if that is more your style. You can find a nice selection of different routes around Vedauwoo at rockclimbing.com. You will need quite a bit more gear to pull this off but it is worth it assuming you are not affraid of heights! The essentials consist of climbing rope, a climbing harness, at least a couple of locking carabiners, quick draws, a climbing helmet, climbing shoes and a chalk bag with chalk. I reccomend looking for gear on Backcountry.com because they have a wide variety of equipment with ratings and reviews which are really helpful. Good luck, have fun, and most of all be safe!

Where Is Vedauwoo Located?

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