During construction, flaggers will be present and speeds may be lowered so travelers are advised to expect minor delays. Half of Grand Avenue will be constructed at a time. All traffic will be diverted to two-lane travel with no left hand turns until the project is completed. All businesses will remain open in the work area however their traditional access may be closed for a short time.

Reconstruction of the intersection at 30th Street is not included in this project. This is scheduled for 2012.

In mid-May road repair will start on Grand Avenue between 21st and 30th Steets. If you have not noticed the damage on the right hand side of Grand Ave. fear not road crews will start resurfacing the street in mid-May and finish around July 31st, 2011.

Any questions or concerns about the Grand Avenue resurfacing project please contact Scott Taylor, PE Resident Engineer at (307) 745-2137 or email scott.taylor@dot.state.wy.us