I tried my first wing as a sophomore in college at Applebee’s. At first I was skeptical, considering I didn’t like the idea of pulling meat off the bones of the animal I was consuming. Wisely, my friends first introduced me to boneless wings. I was hooked. Boneless wings made me think of chicken nuggets, a treat my mother always deprived me of. As a result, I have consumed enough wings in college to make up for my wingless childhood. As my wing taste expanded, I began to try bone-in wings, different flavors and sauces, and different locations. However, as a college student who has just paid her (last!) tuition bill, my friends and I choose our wing destination based on the day of the week and different restaurants’ specials. The following list will allow you to eat wings almost every day of the week.


Tommy Jack’s
221 East Grand Avenue

For just thirty-five cents, Tommy Jack’s serves up some spicy, southern wings. This Cajun-style restaurant, located on the corner of 3rd and Grand, is sure to serve up some smiles. Tommy Jacks offers a different array of wings than most restaurants, including buffalo wings, Ya-Ya (spicy wings), barbeque, and oriental wings. It is the only restaurant that offers a wing special on Monday’s, so if you need a pick-me-up after beginning a long work week, head over to Tommy Jack’s.


101 East Grand Avenue

Two blocks west of Tommy Jack’s, Lovejoy’s has taken a different approach to wing specials. While most places sell individual wings, Lovejoy’s sells a bucket of 12 to 14 wings for $4.50, which makes its individual wing price (about 35 cents) comparable to the other specials in town. Lovejoy’s offers extra hot, barbeque, or sweet and spicy wings, all served with ranch or bleu cheese dressing. In addition to their wing specials, Lovejoy’s also offers a basket of fries for $3, a slice of pepperoni pizza for $1.75, and two dollar pints of beer on Tuesday nights.



2523 E Grand Ave Laramie

If Chili’s is your favorite wing-spot in town, don’t despair that you can only get their wings on Wednesdays. Actually, you can get Chili’s 39 cent wing specials (minimum order ten wings) Sunday through Thursday, making it the only place to affordably satisfy your craving on Sundays and Wednesdays. Since Chili’s offers wing specials five nights a week, extra traffic created by wing specials is diffused at Chili’s, making it a great alternative to satisfy you’re wing craving if another restaurant has a waiting list. Chili’s offers bone-in and boneless wings dipped in their spicy buffalo, honey chipotle, or barbeque sauce. If you like a light night dinner or a late-night snack, Chili’s also offers two for one drink specials after 9pm.



3209 East Grand Avenue

While Applebee’s does offer 39 cent wings after 9pm every weeknight, Thursdays are their official wing special. All day on Thursday, Applebee’s offers 39 cent wings, making it a great mid-week lunch destination. Bone-in and boneless wings varieties available in buffalo, hot, honey barbeque, southern barbeque, sweet and spicy barbeque sauces. If you are willing to wait until 9pm for your wings, Applebee’s also offers select $2.99 appetizers and drinks.

The Library
1622 East Grand Avenue

For those who like to sample the local, non-chain cuisine, The Library provides an alternative to satisfy your wing craving. The Library offers hot, medium, mild, chipotle mustard, barbeque, and a guest wing sauce. Like Lovejoy’s, The Library does not sell individual wings. Rather, they sell a pound of wings and a pint of beer for $9. While $9 may seem like more than the $4-5 you will probably spend getting wings elsewhere, wing are easy to split with a friend (just make sure that you are the hungry one in the pair). As to splitting the beer? While, I think you and your friend can figure that out.


If you find a craving for wings creeping across your taste buds, take a stroll down Grand Avenue. From Applebee’s to Lovejoy’s, you will find a variety of restaurants to satisfy your taste buds and your pocketbook. Just make sure you end up at the right restaurant on the right day.

If you have a special to add, or if one of our specials is outdated, please let us know!