Record enrollment numbers have been sustained at the University of Wyoming, with 12,369 students registered for the spring semester. A report presented to the UW Board of Trustees last week show that to be an increase of 137 students.

Once outreach school number are added, total enrollment should surpass 13,000 students. UW Vice President of Student Affairs, Sara Axelson, doesn't think that increased enrollment does not appear to be a trend the University will be bucking any time soon.

"Our freshman non-resident applications have increased by about six percent," said Axelson. "Our in-state applications are holding their own and early indications show that we'll probably have a slight increase in the fall with resident and non-resident students."

Highlights from the new enrollment report include:

  • Undergraduate enrollment increased to 9,667 (up 24).
  • Graduate and professional enrollment increased to 3,172 (up 113).
  • Students taking courses through the Outreach School increased to 3,410 (up 328).
  • International student enrollment continues to be strong, with 733 students enrolled. Since the 2010 spring semester, the number of international students has risen by 81, which represents a 12.4 percent increase.
  • Overall minority undergraduate students increased to 996 (up 84).
  • Of the full-time freshman (1,531 for fall semester 2011), 77 percent successfully completed their first semester at UW, the same percentage as last year.
  • At the conclusion of the fall 2011 semester, 592 degrees were awarded to UW graduates, an increase of 46 degrees from the previous fall.