Rex Rammell, a candidate for Wyoming's lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, says Wyoming must fight federal regulations on fossil fuel producers in order to avert economic disaster.

"Without coal, oil and gas, Wyoming will return to the desert," says Rammell.

Rammell describes a "war on the west" in which the federal government has withheld land from state governments and endeavored to control natural resources.

"Energy is such a big part of Wyoming's budget that without it, Wyoming literally will collapse," says Rammell.

"And now that we've got this climate control movement going on, it literally is an attack on fossil fuels," says Rammell. "and it's very, very dangerous for the future of Wyoming."

Rammell says he's concluded the only thing Wyomingites can do is demand that the U.S. government return federal lands in Wyoming to the state government.

"If we don't do something -- if we don't turn this thing around -- I see some dark days for Wyoming," says Rammell.

"In fact, I see about half the population leaving the state," says Rammell. "That's how serious it is."