UPDATE: (1:00 PM):  A spokesperson from Rocky Mountain Power says that service was restored to customers at 12:39 Thursday afternoon.

UPDATE (11:30 AM):  According to the Rocky Mountain Power website, estimated time for return of service is now 4:00 PM.

A power outage in Laramie is said to be affecting over 2,000 customers.

According to a media spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Power, the power outage, which occured at just before 10:00 Thursday morning, was affecting approximately 2,600 customers in the Laramie area.

Although Rocky Mountain power couldn't pin down a specific geographic area at the time KOWB contacted them, eyewitness reports place the outage mainly downtown and in surrounding areas.

Among affected areas some traffic lights downtown were reported as being non-operational.

According to officials at Rocky Mountain power, the outage was due to equipment malfunctions. RMP's estimated time for a return of service is 4 PM, however that time may change.

With some traffic signals affected by the power outages, Laramie police are reminding drivers that when approaching an intersection where traffic lights are not functioning, the intersection should be treated as a 4-way stop.