The Question:

Can you legally shoot an air soft or paintball gun in city limits?

The Answer:
“Based on Laramie Municipal Code, which reads in part, the answer is that air soft or paintball guns cannot be shot in city limits. Both airsoft and paintballs fall under “any description” or are “spring or air guns” and would be similar to bb guns.
9.28.030 - Discharge of firearms—Permit.
A. Except for a certified peace officer in performance of his or her duties, no person shall fire or discharge any gun, rifle, pistol, revolver or firearm of any description, without first having obtained a permit from the chief of police.
9.28.040 - Slingshots and air guns—Permit.
No person in the city shall carry or bear upon his person any slingshot, catapult, spring or air gun except as is specifically allowed under the ordinance codified in this section.”