We have a Presidential Inauguration, and we’ll take this opportunity to go over a favorite history subject – U.S. Presidents. In case you wondered if there was ever a President from Wyoming, the answer is no.

For eight years there was only a chance of anyone from Wyoming being Commander in Chief, when Dick Cheney was Vice President, second in line to George W. Bush.

You probably knew that. You probably also knew that through the first whole 21 of the 44 (45) presidents, there was no chance of any of them being from Wyoming, what with no state of Wyoming until 1890. In fact it wasn’t until our 30th president in 1929 that we had our first from west of the Mississippi River, Herbert Hoover, from Iowa. Since then, from west of the Mississippi, we’ve only had presidents from these states: Louisiana, Missourri, Kansas, Texas, California, and Arkansas.

With this inauguration of Donald Trump, New York just became the state with the most presidents - seven. Next is Ohio – six. Virginia had five, and 4 out of our first 5 presidents were from there. The only state to have four was Massachusetts. There were three from each of these three states: Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas. The only state with two was California.

Otherwise, in fact, no one from Wyoming was ever even nominated and lost.