One of the best things about the Holidays is all of the fantastic food there is to enjoy. Of course, indulging for a solid month can commonly lead to an unwanted expansion in your waistline. Amy Bey, a Nutrition Information Specialist at the University of Wyoming, gave us some tips for making sure you don't go overboard with your eating this holiday season.

  • Eat before attending parties. Fill up on fruits and veggies so you don't get too tempted at the party and overindulge in sugary, fatty foods.
  • Take a moment before going through a holiday buffet line to pick out your absolute favorite foods and only put those top items on your plate. You can always go back if you are still hungry or missed a highly recommended dish.
  • Rethink how you cook your vegetables. Many a good vegetable loses a lot nutritional value when it's fried, smothered in butter or both. Try baking or steaming these side dishes instead.
  • Don't be afraid to enjoy some treats, anything is alright in small portions.
  • Avoid eggnog as much as possible. It's high in calories, cholesterol and sugar. If you must partake, only pour yourself a little. Or, limit yourself to one day in which you'll let yourself indulge.
  • If you do over-indulge, shake it off. Stressing about it will probably only make future temptations harder to resist. Nobody is perfect, just keep doing your best moving forward.
  • Don't count on a New Year's diet. While most people only gain about a half a pound during the holidays, it's often because they tell themselves they'll lose it in January. In reality, most people don't keep to their resolution and never lose that half a pound, which slowly adds up over the course of decades.

For more tips on holiday portion control, listen to Amy's interview on Laramie Live.