CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — One of the world's fastest supercomputers has been crunching numbers for science for months but got a formal welcome to its namesake city in Wyoming.

Gov. Matt Mead said Tuesday the supercomputer named Cheyenne plays an important role in diversifying Wyoming's economy. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research President Antonio Busalacchi says the supercomputer will enable weather predictions months in advance.

The machine put to work earlier this year in an office park just outside Cheyenne also will help scientists understand how solar flares affect satellites and communications.

Cheyenne ranks 22nd among the world's fastest supercomputers. It is three times faster yet three times more efficient than its predecessor, a supercomputer called Yellowstone.

The machines will operate side-by-side until the National Center for Atmospheric Research retires Yellowstone later this year.