Recently, Microsoft announced the plan to build a $112 million data center in Cheyenne. With this development, comes the prospect of many new jobs and a great amount of revenue that will benefit the state of Wyoming. During Microsoft's selection process however, came the notion Laramie could be next to see a technological development such as the one in Cheyenne.

According to the Laramie Economic Development Corporation:

Microsoft considered Laramie as a "very attractive location," adding there was no doubt that another company will land a data center in Laramie."

According to the LEDC, Laramie boasts favorable operating costs, fiber optics, geography, and talent availability largely thanks to the University and the constant influx of capable minds and bodies. Laramie will be aided by the general attractiveness of the state of Wyoming which the LEDC describes as, "irrefutably a highly-rated and alluring State in which to locate data centers."

Beyond empty compliments of the possibilities for Laramie though, the local attractiveness in the eye of the technological is being put to the test now, as the city has been issuing Requests for Proposals regarding preplanning for the construction of a North Laramie Data Center/Technology Park Development.

Many in Laramie have been in support of this potential development, and the LEDC is in support as well, saying that it "...positively demonstrates the vision and forward thinking necessary to stimulate growth in Laramie's technology sector."

How exactly Laramie's technology sector will develop is yet to be seen, but this news from the LEDC and Microsoft is encouraging and certainly bodes well for the future of Laramie business.