Investigations are underway for the death of a twenty four year old Laramie man who’s car was found in Spring Creek New Year’s morning.

Andrew Hammond was found Saturday morning inside of his vehicle which had gone off the road at seventh and Spring Creek on New Years Day. Police were notified of the vehicle’s location around 6:45am. The car had gone off the road and was resting in approximately 20-30inches of frigid water and Hammond was found inside.

Commander Mitch Cushman said, “the incident occurred between the hours of 10pm and 6am.” Reports state Hammond had appeared injured from the accident, but evidence shows he was conscious and had walked around after the crash. It was also reported that Hammond was not wearing a coat or winter attire but was found with a cell phone.

The cause of death is still uncertain, but exposure to the frigid water and sub-zero wind chills are defining factors. Autopsy and toxicology reports will be complete in approximately two weeks.

A funeral service will be held at 2pm Wednesday at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Lusk Wyoming.