State representatives from Laramie have landed in high places when it comes to leadership assignments.

The members of the Wyoming House of Representatives and the Wyoming Senate have finalized their leadership and committee assignments following party caucuses during the weekend of Nov. 17 and 18. Members of leadership will be sworn in during opening ceremonies on the first day of session, which is slated to begin at noon on January 8.

Laramie Representative Kermit Brown has been elected as House Majority Floor Leader.  Brown is a Republican from House District 14, in Laramie and has been serving in the state house since 2005.

Also on the State House side, democrat Cathy Connolly, from district 13 in Laramie, has been elected to the position of Minority House Caucus Chairman.  Connolly has been serving the State House since 2009.

In the State Senate, Senator Phil Nicholas, from Laramie's district 10, has been elected as Senate Majority Floor Leader.  Nicholas is a republican and has been in the senate since 2004.  He also served in the State House from 1997-2004.

Also, Senator Chris Rothfuss, of Laramie, was elected to the position of Minority Floor Leader.  Rothfuss is a democrat from district 9, and has been in the State Senate since 2011.

A number of Albany County representatives were also named to various State House committees.  Cathy Connolly was named to the House Judiciary and House Education Committees, Glenn Moniz (R- District 46) was named to the State House Appropriations Committee, Matt Greene (R- District 45) was named to the House Corporations and House Labor Committees.

The senate also saw Chris Rothfuss named to the Senate Education and Senate Minerals Committees.

A full list of the full Leadership and Committee Appointments for both Wyoming State House and Wyoming State Senate may be found on the Wyoming State Legislature's website.