On this day last year, our idea to create a central place for everyone in our community to share local news and events came to fruition after months of work when Laramie Live was launched on February 1st, 2011. It seems to us that it has actually been a much greater time than one year since the site's inception, but we are very proud of where it stands one year later. One of the biggest drivers of our growth has been our loyal readers and facebook fans; it has been a joy to interact with you all on a regular basis as we do our best to bring you the latest in Laramie; thank you all! If you haven't joined in the discussion and LIKED us on facebook yet we would sure appreciate it as it is a huge compliment to us. If you have already been following us for a while, we'd love to have you tell a friend about the site or share your reccomendation on our facebook page. That would be a much appreciated birthday gift!

There are also a few people around town that help make this site work that we would like to thank on this occasion. Many thanks to David Derragon, the Assistant City Manager, who makes "Ask the City" a reality by personally making sure each question is answered even on weekends. Thanks to Josie Davies at the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce for handling all of the calendar events submitted and making sure that we have a comprehensive list of events for the site. Last but certainly not least, Trey Sherwood with Laramie Main Street who has been incredibly supportive of the site and is now publishing as well as Ann Brande for the photography she has contributed and our great advertisers.

If you have interest in contributing to the site or just want to recommend something we are all ears open and would love to hear from you at any time. We hope that you are enjoying Laramie Live!  

Thank You once again to everyone for your support in our first year!

       - The Laramie Live Staff