Fans started lining up at 1:30 in the afternoon, for Tuesday night's Mumford and Sons at the Gryphon Theatre in Laramie.

The British folk rock band Mumford and Sons announced the concert at the Gryphon Theatre, as part of their 2012 summer tour, earlier this summer.  Tickets, that were selling for $45 a piece in late June, and sold out within an hour.

The band and equipment trucks rolled in 9:00 am.  Three trucks were unloaded by approximately 30 volunteers from both the University of Wyoming and WyoTech.  Some streets around the Laramie Civic Center were closed to facilitate the unloading for the show.

The wildly popular band presents something of a milestone for the Gryphon Theater as one of the first huge bands to grace the stage.  David Soules, the Gryphon Theatre Manager, says that the Mumford and Sons concert has been getting the Gryphon attention from other bands.  "My in-box has been flooded a little bit.  After this is all done and over with, I'll go through there and filter out the serious bands and see what we might book for the future," Soules says.  "We have some other shows we're looking at for the spring and early next fall that would be the same caliber as Mumford and Sons."

A complete line up of  announced upcoming events are available at the Gryphon Theatre website (click link.)