After this past weekend I think it is pretty safe to say that winter is well on its way. It depends on what spectrum you are looking through, but it seems to be some people's most favorite time of year while others hate winter's guts! Skiing and snowmobiling enthusiasts know what I am talking about. One other great thing that comes along this time of year is the opportunity to head out ice skating with friends or family. The Laramie Ice and Events Center is now officially open for the season, just in time for Halloween. We have talked about a plethora of things going on around town for Halloween, but here is another fun option. Halloween skating at the Ice & Events center is happening on Saturday, October 29th from 6:15 PM to 9:00 PM and costumes are highly encouraged. The nice thing here is that the skating doesn't cost an arm and a leg! You can get admission and skates for right around $6 which is great for an afternoon or evening at the ice rink. Daily public skating times and pricing can be found on the City of Laramie's website. If you need more information you can always reach the Ice & Events Center by phone at (307) 721-2161.

I can't wrap this up without metioning a couple of other cool thing I found that I had no idea were even offered at the ice rink. Have you ever watched Curling during the winter olympics and thought "that looks kind of fun?" You can actually drop in for some curling for just $5 without having a team etc... There are also drop in stick and puck games for people 18+, which would be fun as well. Again you can find more information about all of this online.