Most people think of winter as a time to cuddle up with their loved ones around a fire drinking hot cocoa and enjoying time together, well not the Jackalope Jumpettes! The Jackalope Jumpettes are an amazing team of residents who do the unthinkable each year! Their idea of fun in the winter is dressing up and jumping into Hunk Finn pond! That's right,  jumping into freezing cold water in the middle of winter. You are probably asking yourself why any person in thier right mind would do this? Well it is for a cause that is near and dear to the Jackalope Jumpette's hearts-Special Olympics of Wyoming! They have been jumping for several years now (Somewhere around 8), and they will continue jumping until they can't do it anymore. The Jackalope Jumpettes would love the support of the Laramie community as they jump on March 5th at 11am in Laprelle Park! Heck if you feel moved they would love it even more if you are crazy enough to jump with them! Contact Ami Cass at (307) 760-6061 if you are intreseted.

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