On August 1st, I posted a question asking Laramie residents if our city looked unappealing from Interstate 80.

The topic was brought to mind after a friend visited from Florida and mentioned how great downtown was, but you'd "never know that from the interstate."

I posed the question first, is Laramie unappealing from I-80, and got an overwhelming yes. In fact, nearly 97% of people agreed it is at least somewhat unappealing.

That prompted the question, what can be done?  In a poll question with provided answers here were the responses:

37.8% Add flowers, trees, landscaping

22.83% Build attractions closer to I-80

14.17% Clean up trash

8.66% More billboards inviting people to town

2.36% Nothing can be done

We also allowed voters to write-in an answer with unique ideas too. Here are some of them submitted to us:

  • Fences by the trailer parks
  • Fix the dilapidated trailer parks
  • Put a Super Target in
  • Get rid of trailer parks
  • The city council should let more businesses come in
  • Hide all the industrial sites, i.e. lumber mill, north park warehouses
  • A bronze sculpture of Steamboat and a welcome to Laramie sign
  • Relocate trailer parks
  • Clean up around 3rd Street Exit and more invitations around Grand Ave Exit
  • Demolish eyesore businesses
  • Build more attractions in general
Let us know what you think.  Is there a problem with the way Laramie looks from I-80 and what can be done?  Weigh in with our comments section or Facebook page. We love to pass along any constructive criticism to our friends at the city!