A big thank you for all the volunteers this past Saturday for cleaning up Laramie. Over 100 volunteers, children and adults spread out to all parts of Laramie to pick up trash. Walmart a particular high-trash area was tackled by the local boyscout and brownie girl scout troops and their parents. Over 1500 bags of trash was taken to the city dump. Please don't let this be the only day we beautify Laramie, clean up your area, your park through the month or year it will make a huge difference for our community.

Today Green Tip of the Day:

1. Stopping your car for more than a minute? Turn it off. You can save up to 19% by avoiding excessive idling.

2.  Low-flush toilets are the way to go. They save up to 4,000 gallons of water a year. Don't have one? Make your own! Just put a container of water in your tank. It will save an equivalent amount of water with every flush.

3. Make it a green and giving holiday. Now is a great time to donate clothing, books and unwanted gifts to charity. It is the greenest choice you can make and it's tax deductible.