Gift for Living is a assistance fund set up to help cancer patients with bills in Southeastern Wyoming. Knowing first hand the cost and time needed to care for a cancer or blood disorder patient this fund will help people in need with rent, gas bill, or medical bills. This could help out when times are not looking great relieve a little stress, so make sure if you know someone with these issues that this fund can help.

Gift for Living, Inc. has been developed to financially assist individuals in Southeasten Wyoming who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer and blood disorders. If someone you know could benefit from Gifts for Living, please request an application by writing to:

Gift for Living
P.O. Box 1005
Laramie, WY 82073
or call

Gift for Living - Patient Assistance Fund information:
Purpose: Emergency Patient Assistance Fund

PLAN: Assist oncology and/or hematology patients in Southeast Wyoming and surrounding rural areas with the following emergency needs based on available resources:
- Emergency medications
- Emergency lodging/food
- Immediate rent and /or utilities
- Other emergencies as agreed and voted on by a majority of Gifts for Living Board Members

- Funds will be distributed by the "Gift for Living, inc, Application Committee

- Attempts must be made to receive assistance from community agencies prior to using Patient Assistance Funds
- The dollar amount awarded to patients will vary based on patient needs. The amount should not exceed $300.00
- An application must be completed by the patient or designated patient representative, and approved by a majority of the Gifts for Living, Inc. Application Committee.
- Patients may only receive funds one time in a twelve month period.
- Checks will be written to the receiving parties (i.e: utility companies, pharmacies, etc.) or gift cards will be purchased by the Gift for Living, Inc Application Committee. Patients will not receive funds directly unless pre approved by a majority of the Application Committee.
- Patient's application and record of funds dispersed will be kept on file.