A Note From Our Editor:

Hello Laramie Live readers,

Thank you guys for coming to our page! We're happy you've chosen this website as your go-to source on all things Laramie, WY.

One of our segments--Ask the City--has been hopping lately.  And with the increased volume of questions, we've had a few requests come our way regarding how to post questions, the process, and editing. I thought I'd address them here rather than have them get buried in a Facebook post (If you haven't friended us on Facebook yet---you should! We have a fantastic following there, and anything that goes on the website will be featured on FB as well).

1) How does it work? The process to submit a question is easy. Head to this page. Fill out the fields, and hit submit.

2) Why are you allowing me to remain anonymous? We understand that sometimes being anonymous will help you to ask some questions that might not be asked otherwise. Certain questions could affect jobs, friends, school, etc. We believe in keeping this feature, and won't ever require anyone to put a name. That said, we want to give kudos to those who ask questions that help change and shape the City. You might consider slapping a name onto a comment so others can cheer you on, as well.

3) Who sees the questions? A handful of people, depending on the question. When you submit a question, it automatically goes to me (editor), Jerrad (contributor), and David Derragon (Assistant City Manager). From there, David passes it on to the appropriate manager in charge of whatever section your question deals with (Administration, Community Development, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, Public Works). The answer is sent to all of us, then it goes up on the website for you all to read.

4) Why do you offer this service? Because we know you have questions, and realize how frustrating it is to not get those questions answered. Or to not know who to turn to. Plus? You may not have time to contact someone yourself. Not only does it benefit you since it was your question, but it might help out someone else who didn't know.

5) Some of the questions are a little rough around the edges. Can you edit these? Sure we can. But we won't. We believe in freedom of speech and honesty. We never want you to think that we would alter a question, or change something---then you might not trust us. So when we get some rather untoward questions, we like to keep them as is. At least, within reason. We need to keep this family-friendly, so we'll take out swear words and allusions to non-PG things. But you'll know when we take something like that out (we'll mark it).

6) Do you answer every question? The City of Laramie will answer all the questions it can. If, for some reason, there isn't an answer to a question, or the question lies outside of the City's jurisdiction, we'll let you know. We'll always try to get the answer for you in this instance, but can't guarantee another company/office/jurisdiction will respond.

As a reminder: many of the questions we get are a result of frustration. Please be courteous with regards to how the question is phrased. Many eyes see these questions, and while the folks at the City understand, fellow Laramie Livers who read it may not. Sticks and stones, folks.

We hope you continue to use the Ask the City option on our website to help make Laramie an even greater city to live in.

As always, you are more than welcome to reach out to us for any concerns you may have! Thanks again, and have a fantastic rest of your weekend.

Digital Managing Editor