UW Summer Theatre’s final offering of the season, “A…My Name is Alice” opens Tuesday July 12th and runs through the following Saturday. All performances start at 7:30pm in the Studio Theatre of the Fine Arts Building. “Alice” is a musical review directed by Leigh Selting, featuring a cast of five actors who play various roles in unrelated vignettes throughout the show.

Each scene is told from a woman’s perspective, but the topics – ranging from blind dates and strip clubs to coping with the loss of a parent – are universal and make great entertainment for men and women alike.

The crowd pleasing combination of poignancy and humor make this an ideal date show. If your significant other doesn’t really go for show tunes and interpretive dance – no worries, the musical numbers are contemporary and clever with great comedic timing.

I was generously afforded a preview of the show at rehearsal Thursday night and besides being impressed that the cast and crew could bring a production together so quickly - rehearsal time is very short in the summer - I enjoyed every minute of it. Tickets are available through the box office and are going fast, so be sure to get yours early, even if you plan to attend a performance later in the week.

This show was chosen to close the season because it is smart, fun and funny. By turns witty and touching, “Alice” is perfect summer theatre fare. Director Leigh Selting calls it pure entertainment, plus a little point of view to examine the human spirit.