Will a fireworks ban come to the city of Laramie again?

Albany County Fire Warden Scott Davis says "with the moisture and rain we've gotten here in the past few months, we aren't looking at any fireworks ban as of now, but that's all a wait and see process on what we get or don't get in the next few months going forward."

Davis says a fireworks ban is still possible for this year's summer, but residents can be more optimistic about it not happening. Davis states "the fireworks ban happened last year because of a significant drought, extreme fire conditions, large fires, little rain, and no choice, but to notify the commissioner's office and approve a ban on the city."

Davis, the Albany County Fire Warden for eight years now says "the ban last year was obviously tough on the residents as the 4th of July is a heritage event and families want to shoot off their own fireworks, BBQ, roast marshmallows, and have campfires, but the number one priority was for everybody to be safe hence why the fireworks ban had to go in effect when it did." Looking forward to this year's summer, the Fire Warden says "under the fire restriction plan, they have indicators such as fire weather predictions, the dryness of the fuels, the affect of the moisture if any the city gets, impact of local fires, and what resources they have to fight the fires they have all go into effect in making these kinds of decisions."

Davis says "as the summer progresses, we will keep a close eye on everything, but this year's summer is already looking better than last years so we aren't looking at any fire restrictions as of now, but that's all dependent on how the summer plays here on out."