July 25 | 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Suggested donation: $10/adult
Room of Requirement
209 E. Grand Ave, Laramie, WY 82070 United States

Additional Information

Laramie House Concerts (http://www.laramiehouseconcerts.com) is a house concert society – a not-for-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to encourage talented artists who would otherwise merely pass through our state to perform in Wyoming. We're excited to announce an upcoming concert featuring a special double bill: brilliant singer/songwriters S. J. Tucker and Leslie Hudson.

S. J. Tucker, singer-songwriter, poet, author and actress, came flying out of the Memphis music scene in 2004, guitar in hand and voice at the ready, and her feet have hardly hit the ground since. On the road across the continent full time for a fourteenth year, S. J., called “Sooj” by fans and friends, deftly binds together the varied elements of jazz, folk, and fairytales in her original tunes. No two of her concerts are the same, but listeners and critics compare her guitar work to that of Emily Saliers, her vocal delivery to KT Tunstall and Joni Mitchell.

Here are some sample of Sooj's music:

Black Swan Blues:

Cheshire Kitten (“We're All Mad Here”):

Come to the Labyrinth:

For more, see http://sjtucker.com

“Tucker is not only fantastic; shes like a character out of a fantasy novel. She weaves myth and magic into her lyrics as easily as a strain of cello, a lick of something electric, the chuffing of a train engine…Tucker has a knack no, a genius for weaving old ways with new.” -C. S. E. Cooney, Blackgate.com

Leslie Hudson is a powerhouse performer and prolific songwriter bringing rock, jazz, metal, blues, folk, filk and funk to venues across Canada and the USA. The body of her work, mostly inspired by strong female characters from literature and popular media, illustrates the mosaic of the feminine spirit across culture, history and myth, digging into the dirt, traversing the shadows, and bringing the truth to light. Hudson’s influences, woven into her voice as well as her fingers on the keys, glide from Tori Amos to Loreena McKennitt, Metallica to Simon & Garfunkel.

Here are some samples of Leslie's music:

Oars in the Water:

Children of Light:

For a While:

To sample more of Leslie’s work, see http://lesliehudson.bandcamp.com.

“Hudson seeks to get under the skin of [her] characters, probe their fictitious souls and, through the raw power of her music, to make them flesh-and-blood, to honor them with real human angst. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.” –Daniel Jun Kim, Pop Mythology

The house concert will be held in the Room of Requirement, a private loft overlooking downtown Laramie at the top of the Wagner Building (209 East Grand Avenue). Doors will open at 6:30 PM and music will start at 7. There is a suggested donation of $10 per adult for the artists. Show is rated G (all ages); children will enjoy the music and inqusitive ones may ask about the media/literary references. Attendees are asked to RSVP via the RSVP button on the Laramie House Concerts Web site at


Accommodations are available for those who have limited mobility or are otherwise unable to climb the stairs to the loft. A sign language interpreter can be arranged with a week's advance notice.

The goal of Laramie House Concerts is to give touring artists who would normally bypass the small but culturally rich city of Laramie, Wyoming a good place to play, a receptive audience, and a warm welcome. Past concerts have included artists such as Marian Call, Small Potatoes, Four Shillings Short, and Eliza Rickman and have received rave reviews from local journalists at the UW Branding Iron and Laramie Daily Boomerang. Laramie House Concerts are noncommercial and not for profit and all proceeds go directly to the artists.