The Question:

Why are wells being drilled up by Wal-Mart and near Sherman Hills area?

The Answer:
“The Casper Aquifer Protection Plan (CAPP) that was adopted by the City of Laramie in 2008, identified the development of a long-term groundwater monitoring program as the highest priority for the City. To date, the City has utilized existing wells to facilitate groundwater quality monitoring, however there were gaps in coverage that needed to be addressed. Thus, this current drilling project in the City’s first foray into adding new monitoring wells to the existing network. At the conclusion of this project the City will have three additional wells that will be located in crucial locations to help monitor the quality of the groundwater that is traveling to City Springs and to the City’s Turner municipal wells, which provide a substantial amount of potable drinking water to Laramie residents. A side benefit, this project is also allowing the City to perform a pump test across the Sherman Hills Fault to better determine the groundwater flow patterns across the fault. The City’s consultants on this project are Wyoming Groundwater and Hinckley Consulting, and the City has also collaborated with the Wyoming Center of Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics (WYCEHG) at the university of Wyoming, who have provided invaluable scientific information.”