Laramie residents, got an “Aha Moment” that changed your life?

You could get your shot at 30 seconds of fame as the Aha Moment Tour comes to town July 25th and 26th.  The tour is presented by Mutual of Omaha, who will be touring twenty cities including Laramie.  Ultimately someone will get their story on a national TV spot.

A 34 foot Airstream trailer with a mobile television studio will be parked at the Hilton Garden Inn at 2229 Grand Ave.  Residents are invited to prepare a 30 second story explaining their “Aha” or life changing moment.  All of the moments will be posted on YouTube and viewers can vote for their favorite.

Mutual of Omaha will be shooting from 10 am to 6 pm Thursday and Friday.  It is free to record your commercial.  Whether it’s a love story, career move, hobby, or a dream, come down and tell your story!

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To watch some of the Aha Moments click here!