A Colorado man received probation for felony possession of a controlled substance Monday in Albany County District Court.

John Philip Jacobs, 28, was sentenced to 30 months of supervised probation with an underlying sentence of 3-4 years. Judge Jeffrey Donnell ordered that Jacobs also complete an outpatient program within the next 60 days as well as a criminal thinking class.

Jacobs was stopped March 22 for driving 90 mph in a 75 mph speed zone on I-80 outside of Laramie. The Albany County Sheriff's deputy who stopped Jacobs noticed the smell of marijuana in the trunk when Jacobs went to the trunk of his car to search for the vehicle's rental agreement, according to court documents. A search of the vehicle turned up two plastic containing 272 grams of marijuana

The defense had asked that Jacobs receive first offender treatment, which Judge Jeffrey Donnell denied.

Prosecutor Kurt Britzius said that in Jacobs’ case, probation rather than prison time was appropriate. Britzius said that Jacobs was enrolled full time in Front Range Community College and was working two part-time jobs.

Jacobs’ brother Mark Hunter, a retired Army sergeant, testified on his brother’s behalf.

“He’s dependable, sincere, transparent and has shown consistent progress with school and employment,” Hunter said.

Hunter said Jacobs is involved with volunteer community service. Hunter also said he is committing himself as a mentor for Jacobs.

Jacobs stated to the court that he took full responsibility for his actions.

“I’ve done a lot of soul searching and self-examination these past nine months. I believe I’ve grown quite a bit. I realize the gravity of what I’ve done and I take full responsibility,” Jacobs said.

Donnell asked if Jacobs’ idea of taking responsibility included prison time.

“If that’s what it takes to get this behind me and move forward with my life, I will do it,” Jacobs said.