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Looking For: Refrigerator for RV
What: Looking for a small RV refrigerator, 23" wide; 38" high; inside depth 16 1/2"
Details: "The one in the trailer is a 'Trav'ler by Exilir' (gas/elec). Any good used RV refrigerator would be fine if it fits the opening."
Condition: Like New
Contact: (307)742-3235
Looking For Lumber (SOLD)
What: Looking for good or unneeded lumber
Seller says: "2x4, 2x6, plywood and metal roofing. Would like to build a storage shed."
Condition: Acceptable
Price: Low priced to free
Lost: 1st Generation iPod Touch
Lost: 1st Generation iPod Touch
Missing since: September 6 at approximately (3:30 pm, during farmers market)
Details: Lost in the Southeast corner of Undine Park
iPod has Firedome Adventurer sticker on back
$50 Reward being offered
Looking For: Refrigerator (FOUND)
Looking For: Refrigerator
Details: Approx. 31 inches wide, 64 1/2 inches high, and 26 to 27 inches deep.
Desired Condition: Must be in good working condition and reasonable.
Contact: (307)742-3235

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