Bond has been set in the case of a Laramie man who is accused of stabbing another man to death.

66-year-old Timothy R. Harnden is facing a charge of second degree murder in the stabbing death of 44-year-old Paul Hamilton has been given a 10% cash or sureity bond of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Among the conditions of bond, should Harnden be released, would be the inability to leave the city as well as that he would be living in a fifth-wheel trailer on the property of Laramie community member Pat Rinker. Further Harnden would not be allowed to leave that property except between the hours of 2-4 pm, daily, to take care of things like grocery shopping and laundry.

Albany County prosecuting attorney argued against bond modification in the case, citing the violent nature of the crime for which Harnden is accused and concern for the wife of the victim who is allegedly a witness to the stabbing. Also mentioned was the suspicion of Harnden being a user of methamphetamine.

Vaughn Neubauer, attorney for Harnden, said that there was no evidience of methaphetamine being a contributing factor of the crime. He also said that previous instances of alleged violence between Harnden, Hamilton and Hamilton's wife were not serious enough to result in charges, thus did not represent a concern in bond.

Harnden is scheduled for a preliminary hearing at the end of the month.