With the sun out and temperatures above 60 degrees, there is only one place for your feet—the sand! Sand volleyball provides a great opportunity to get your feet out of those bulky boots and socks. With the availability of social media, it’s easy to get send out a Facebook message or a tweet and get a group of friends or family together for a game. And if you’re going to make a game of it, you might as well bring along some food and fire up the grills at Washington or Undine Park.

  • Undine Park

    If playing volleyball under the stars sounds more appealing than slathering on sunscreen and playing under the sun, Undine Park is the place to organize your volleyball game. The Undine Park volleyball court, located on the southwestern corner of the park, has lights, allowing you and your friends to play well into the night.

  • Washington Park

    If there are bottles of sunscreen in your closet on the brink of becoming expired, perhaps you want to organize a day volleyball game at Washington Park. The court at Washington Park is located on the western side by the band shell. (If you’re lucky, you could plan your game while there is a concert.) Since the court is close to the UW residence halls, the court is quite popular. However, the other end of Washington Park (as well as at Undine) has soccer nets and open spaces, so consider bringing along a Frisbee or soccer ball in case the court is taken.