Getting sick of playing catch? Then grab a bat and head out to Laramie’s baseball fields. And if you’re planning on playing with people who are new to playing baseball, you might want to consider bringing along a tee, or they may never get off home plate. While the University of Wyoming and City Recreation Fields provide the most well-kept fields, if you want to make your baseball game into a party, then head to the baseball fields at the parks where you can fire up a grill and make some post-game BBQ.

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    UW/City Recreation Fields and Little League Complex: For professional-grade fields

    The University of Wyoming and City Recreation Fields provide the most concentrated numbers of fields in the city of Laramie. So if you are worried about getting a field, head to the complex. However, these are highly used fields, between Laramie baseball programs, UW intramurals, and UW sports. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some well-maintained fields, this is your place to head.

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    Kiwanis Park For a quite get-a-away

    The baseball diamond at Kiwanis Park is a great place for families and friends to get together and have a Saturday afternoon game. As one of the smaller parks in Laramie, Kiwanis provides a great place to go if you think other parks will be busy.

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    LaBonte Park: For the casual game

    LaBonte Park provides a well-maintained baseball diamond. However, since the play equipment and many of the park benches are located on the other side of the lake, it’s a place to play a game but not necessary a place to picnic.

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    Undine Park: For the kids learning to play

    Undine Park’s baseball field is located in the southwestern corner of the park by the volleyball court and kiddie pool for children. This makes it a great place to take your kids on a hot summer day to introduce them to baseball. After hitting a few balls, they can head over and splash in the water.

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    Washington Park: For the Baseball Party

    Washington Park is a great place to host a baseball party. With the picnic shelter, which you can rent, located right next to the baseball field, you can easily manage to throw a great party while having a great game. Washington park also has great play equipment, a volleyball court, and horseshoes to keep all the non-baseball players entertained.