Your Question:

Why do just some of us have to put our garbage congtainers in front from the alley between Ord and Steele, 17th to 19th street. Shouldn't it be all containers in that area go to the front?

The City's Response:

Some of them are in front because alley access is not possible. In some cases, alley accesses are too tight and will end up damaging personal property or utilities that are in the alley ways. It is also important to keep in mind that we are surveying the alleys on a continuing basis and, as we identify hazards, we will assess them and determine the best way to mitigate the hazard. At times this may mean we have to request the customer to relocate their trash and/or recycle carts. Our intent is not to inconvenience the citizens but to serve them in the most efficient and safest manner we can. In the near future we may be asking more citizens to place the carts out front for this very reason.

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