Your Question:

Why has notification of street closures and construction work been so poor throughout the City? I am hearing horror stories of people finding their driveways to be blocked when they get home and not knowing if they will have water the next hour.

The City's Answer:

The City first advertised project schedules and closures in the Laramie Boomerang several weeks prior to the first project beginning construction.  We also have a link on the City website homepage designating current project schedules that while subject to change, we have made efforts to keep these current as we receive them from Contractors on a biweekly basis.

Contract provisions require the City’s contractors to notify residents located in a construction area in advance of project inception regarding disruption to City services; listed on the notification material are telephone numbers for each contractor to allow direct and quick access for informational purposes.  Additional information can be obtained by calling the Public Works Department at 721-5230.

Every attempt is made to address and respond to concerns in a timely manner regarding projects.  If residents have specific issues they would like to address, they are encouraged to call Public Works at the above phone number and items will be handled individually.

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