Your Question:

With the snow pack at a great level this year, what are the plans for the river on the west side? Are sand bags being filled for those people over there? Just curious, thank you!

The City's Answer:

Current actions for potential flooding are as follows:

Planning and preparation to date include:

-          Sandbags delivered to date roughly 30,000

-          25,000 more sand bags to be delivered for “stand by” and will be returned to OHS if not used

-          Storm water backflow preventers ordered and scheduled for installation upon delivery

-          Supply of clean sand (no salt) ordered and will be delivered to the “fill” sites upon request.  (will be stored at county road and bridge)

-          Citizen volunteer groups identified

-          Information and reports gathered from the NWS, NOAA, State Engineer office, Army Corp of Engineer – Omaha, and State OHS

-          6 inch pumps located for use from state resource

Near future flood plan an preparation to include:

-          Community informational meetings

-          Press releases as necessary

-          Council update at work session

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